Not All Cloud is Created Equal

Not all Virtual Cloud Desktops/Servers in the Cloud are created equal. It is important to carefully evaluate the different systems and options
that are being offered.

Do not assume that all the Cloud Offerings are the same. Strongly recommend that you actually try the service before you decide on a direction.

Try before you buy!

One of the biggest misconceptions in some Virtual Cloud Desktop/Server options is that the system functions works exactly as your systems work in your local environment. In the simplest terms, usually your computer connected through a local network to a server. The server acts as a File and Application Server, with common files accessed by users and certain applications running on the server.

The user usually has rights to configure their desktop to their requirements. They can manage their environment as they see wish (Install local programs, printers, preferences etc)

This is often not the case with many “Cloud” providers. Review the following partial list:

  • A virtual Desktop that looks like a windows Desktop that is Server Based many of the features offered on normal desktops are restricted
  • Cloud users cannot install any programs to their local desktop. All have to be installed by a server technician. These programs have to be server based and many programs are difficult to install on the server. The process is time intensive and increases costs.
  • Even Print Drivers have to be installed on the Server.  (Add a printer to your computer the driver has to be installed in the cloud)
  • Your virtual resources are running on one server with limited redundancies.
  • How robust are your Cloud providers Broadband services
  • There are many ways of configuring “Cloud Servers” again these are not created equal.

MyClowd ( ) is quite unique;

  • Cloud Services offered on Citric Systems the market leading cloud technology. Log into your “Cloud” from any device from anywhere.
  • The system finds all your resources as you log into your Cloud (Printers, Local Drives, all Devices) Add a printer and your Cloud will find your new printer automatically
  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption just like the banks use
  • Your own Virtual Windows 7 Desktop. It works exactly as your local computer. Install Programs, change your Desktop as you wish
  • Play a Video in the Cloud it works (Try that on another system)
  • Your Core Cloud Systems are completely integrated but separate on different servers and these servers are further mirrored on three separate servers. If on server fails the other takes over in seconds.
  • Your Core Cloud Servers are, Your Private windows 7 Desktop, Your Personal my Documents Server (Separate from Desktop), Common Company File Server (Common company Files), Application Server (For resource intensive applications) and Exchange Server if requested.

Try a Demo, you have to try it to believe it.