We offer a host of other services some in collaboration with the best in the best experts and companies in the business.

We endeavor to be the on stop place to help you implement, configure and leverage all your technology requirements. Contact us and we will get you in touch with the appropriate specialist.What follows is a partial list of what we offer.


ACT! Certified Consultant

Over 20 years of experience implementing and designing Contact Management Systems. Extensive experience implementing ACT! by Sage in any business environment including the use of the hundreds of addons that work with ACT!


Computer Technologies in collaboration with Grassroot Technologies. Managed Computer/server Services, on-call support, network monitoring, consulting, hardware/software sales.

Document Management

Work toward being paperless. Scan and manage your documents, either locally or in the cloud. You can categorize and archive your documents for easy document retrieval.

E-Marketing and Social Media

E-Marketing the design and implementation of e-marketing campaigns. Social Media the understanding and implementation of Social Media Systems such s LinkedIn and Twitter.

Video Conferencing

Implementation of Video Conferencing in your business for the first time that is affordable and easy to implement. Works with Apple or PC, from the office, home, or mobile.

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